Flyer power: 10 inspirational flyer designs

A Flyer or a single-page leaflet is still one of the most popular ways of promotion for small and medium businesses. As most of business owners will agree, this is mainly due to the wide reach and relatively low cost of this marketing communications tools. It, therefore, has led to the perception of flyers as something not worth much attention and something that can be done in a few hours, which often results in low ROI.

Remember that any marketing activity will bring in results only if it is planned and executed well. I have already proved to you my belief in print promotions in article “Print is not dead: The benefits of print promotions for start ups“, so now it is time to show you how great flyers can be. Here’s a collection of flyers which, to my mind, are a result of great creative work and understanding of customers.

Candy Party Flyer

Hush For Electronic Music Flyer

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One chance to impress

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you better make it work  the first time. In the business world, the most commonly used tool to enhance (or simply create) this image is a business card. Considering that after the meeting it might be the only connection point between you and another person, there is no doubt about the importance of the business card. Nevertheless, having it is not enough – it has to be good as this little but important tool has not only a power to create, but also to destroy. This article will list essential considerations in designing a business card which will not end up in the bin.

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Print is not dead: The benefits of print promotions for start ups

Print is not dead poster

If you can read this, print is not dead!

Oh, how great is the optimism and ambitions of entrepreneurs when they just begin starting their own business. The motivation is high until it comes to promoting the idea – this is what most of the young businessmen are worried about. I suppose commonly used approach is “googling” the news in marketing world and most probably find something about social media, internet marketing or SEO. I don’t want to suggest that those are not good tools for promotion, completely the opposite. Use them. Use them regularly. And use them in combination with print.

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