How to Trade Show Like a Pro

Coretium Media tips for exhibitors

One of the greatest ways to add marketing value to your business is to attend a business exhibition. As well as gaining new leads, you get to invite your existing and potential clients to find more about your offering. For all this to happen you need to make sure you are well prepared for the event.
We can all agree that organising an exhibition is a challenging and complicated process. Therefore with the following few paragraphs we will aim to give you a few ideas on how to make the most of this powerful marketing experience and avoid some common mistakes.

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Think beyond your customers

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a strategic approach to the planned management of an organisation’s communications. Even though the IMC as a marketing approach is a relatively new strategy for companies; it has developed at the speed of light. This happened mainly due to benefits it presents including higher reach, customer loyalty and communications with all stakeholders or basically everyone who is in any way connected to your company.

As every company, or brand, has not only functional but also emotional values it is vital to communicate in the same voice through all the levels of the business and try to send the same idea through all channels, and to all the people involved. Only if the voice is consistent will the mission of an organisation be completely understood running clearly and successfully. It is time for small and medium businesses to learn applying this voice to all its publicity.

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The story of new friendship: Talking, Listening and Social Media


Once upon a time in the Marketing Kingdom everything was ruled by Talking. Talking was dominating in all the companies and it was admired by most of the people. What a rare case it was when companies used another approach, but those brave one’s who did were lost in the noise Talking was making. Though, as the time passed, companies began to realize that Talking is not making them completely happy – it brought in earnings, but there were no growth. This realization was almost synchronized with the time when “Listening” arrived to the Kingdom and immediately gained attention of the citizens.

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Print is not dead: The benefits of print promotions for start ups

Print is not dead poster

If you can read this, print is not dead!

Oh, how great is the optimism and ambitions of entrepreneurs when they just begin starting their own business. The motivation is high until it comes to promoting the idea – this is what most of the young businessmen are worried about. I suppose commonly used approach is “googling” the news in marketing world and most probably find something about social media, internet marketing or SEO. I don’t want to suggest that those are not good tools for promotion, completely the opposite. Use them. Use them regularly. And use them in combination with print.

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