Healthy app: cut through the clutter with well designed information


For the most part web users and mobile users are remarkable animals. One’s a whale grazing on content for minutes and minutes at a time, roving about as their whims or needs take them. The other is a puma dashing at top speed after a specific target, eyes on the kill. It might seem that their nature is as simple as that – whales browse, puma’s hunt. Though with rapidly developing mobile technologies the marketer has to adapt and satisfy both, as any distinction is fading. The most common and effectively used way to deliver your content and be specific at the same time is through mobile applications. You can’t afford to ignore tech developments and miss the opportunity to reach these information hungry animals.

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19 not-so-secret Twitter secrets

Twitter bird

If used wisely, Twitter can help your business to grow

3 years, 2 months and 1 day is the time between the first tweet and billionth tweet – and this relates only to the beginning stage of social media growth. Today’s numbers are even more impressive – can you imagine that people are sending on average 140 million tweets per day?! Judging by this statistic it might seem that all of the users should be experts of tweeting by now. But the reality is often different. Daily I stumble upon the company profiles which still implement hard sell on Twitter by treating the network as another selling platform. (See our previous article “The story of new friendship: Listening, Talking and Social Media” to find out why you shouldn’t).

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One chance to impress

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you better make it work  the first time. In the business world, the most commonly used tool to enhance (or simply create) this image is a business card. Considering that after the meeting it might be the only connection point between you and another person, there is no doubt about the importance of the business card. Nevertheless, having it is not enough – it has to be good as this little but important tool has not only a power to create, but also to destroy. This article will list essential considerations in designing a business card which will not end up in the bin.

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