Healthy app: cut through the clutter with well designed information


For the most part web users and mobile users are remarkable animals. One’s a whale grazing on content for minutes and minutes at a time, roving about as their whims or needs take them. The other is a puma dashing at top speed after a specific target, eyes on the kill. It might seem that their nature is as simple as that – whales browse, puma’s hunt. Though with rapidly developing mobile technologies the marketer has to adapt and satisfy both, as any distinction is fading. The most common and effectively used way to deliver your content and be specific at the same time is through mobile applications. You can’t afford to ignore tech developments and miss the opportunity to reach these information hungry animals.

Importance of the Mobile Consumer

In recent study it has been stated that ‘many British mobile users, 36% according to the UK-based digital agency Steel London, read email on their mobile devices’ This illustrates the importance of email usage on our mobiles, though lately mobile customer do not limit themselves to messages. Centre for Retail Service reports that shopping on mobile devices in the UK is set to increase by 53% in the next 12 months hitting £4.5billion, making the British the biggest mobile shoppers in Europe. Also Barry Houlihan, GM, stated, ‘The research we’ve carried out challenges perceived mobile marketing thinking and puts consumer demand for marketing ahead of supply’. The research found that ‘UK consumers are far more open to branded communications than many companies believe – provided their delivery preferences and opt-in choices are respected.

Information diet

In the technology era when tons of information is awaiting our judgement, it might seem that we must try to limit this flow. So far, though, it has been the opposite – the more we get, the more we want.
Technologist JP Rangaswami at TED conference expressed the idea that “Information, if viewed from the point of view of food, is never a production issue. … It’s a consumption issue, and we have to start thinking about how we create diets [and] exercise.” Even though this is a great comparison, to my mind, the production part has to take an action as well. This mainly means realizing what consumers really want and most importantly what is best for their health (or in case of marketing – their needs).

App consuming

It is easy to deliver the information through the mobile application. Just imagine that iTunes is a supermarket where customers can choose to drink sugary sparkling drink or go for much healthier freshly squeezed orange juice. In most cases you will want to be an orange juice and deliver healthy information.

Moving away from food comparison, the message delivered through apps has to be transferred through clear and relevant design and thought-through copy. When there are more than 600 000 apps (on Apple store only), simply creating an app is not enough – it has to earn the attention of consumers.

Info appeal

As the number of mobile users grows, so does the intelligence of these users. Most likely every businessman would be able to talk about their company for hours, but is this what customers want? Often the most clear objective look at you company comes from the side and therefore there is no shame in asking designers, developers and copywriters for assistance. This collaboration will not only satisfy your business goals, but will also lead to a happy and informed customer.

This blog post was written by Aneesah Ahmed at Coretium



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