Understanding is everything

“Think of your own purchasing decisions, what do you do?”

One of the most important rules of business and marketing is to understand your customers, as these are the people who will support your business by purchasing products and services from you. The clearer you can explain it to them the better, as this will allow you to tailor the most effective content and encourage, not more people to read it, but the right people to make the decision to purchase.

Think of your own purchasing decisions, what do you do? I find a need in my life and then go searching for it, generally in the direction of Google, I use words that I expect to see alongside the product I am looking at. Which means when putting content together there has to be an understanding of what the customer is going to search for, not so that is it packed with key words, but rather in amongst relevant content.

Know thy product

Some people will tell you that SEO is very difficult and you can’t get to the top for certain keywords like accountant for instance, and they would be right. Getting to the top requires you to know your niche, such as “small business accountant”, or “accountants for local West London shop”. These are specific for searching for a business because they begin to include information about the customer that the customer themselves wants to know.

From this view point a customer then stands a good chance of finding your content, and of course with this in mind they are also likely to understand and purchase from it.

So what should be said

If you know your product and service well it may not mean you can write about it, turning an idea into prose is a professional talent, and one that is offered at a variety of levels. Describing and showing your idea to the professional is a great way of helping them to understand the products as well as you do.

There are tips for writing, such as the attitude you write with, be it negative or positive, focusing on the doom and gloom of not having the product, or positively reinforcing the excellent points that the product does have. Each way will be effective, but it will depend on your audience.

Focusing on the use of language will also be key, whether it is very formal or casual and off handed. These uses are picked up by the customer, and using formal language to tell someone about the creative industries might not work.

Finally the persona through which you address people, are you detached, or do you address them as “you”. These tenses will immediately put a user at ease, so that they know they are being addressed as another human being, rather than one of many people who might happen to read this.

All of this is not to say that you can’t produce the writing yourself, load it into the website and then choose the key words that suit. What really counts is making all of it work together, whilst keeping it fresh and continually changing. These factors are where external companies come in, they are there to make sure this happens for a small business that know their business but doesn’t have the time to write about it regularly.

How to know?

So how do you find out what your customers are looking for and what do they think of when they think of your product? Simple answer, ask them.

It seems the easiest thing to do actually asking a customer how they came across the product and what they thought of it, and why they were looking for it. This small bit of research will let you in to all sorts of insights that you may not have had before.

Noting this down is simple, create a card that goes out with the product or service, and get some freepost feedback. Or after a few weeks give the customer a follow up call and see what they thought. Many I am sure will be happy to share, especially if something is wrong. Don’t be disheartened by this though as this means you can fix the problem and have an even happier customer who will rave about your product and your customer service.

Put it all together

Having the knowledge of your customer, product and what they thought means that when you do talk on the internet it is with all of the facts, these pieces are better and both customers and Google will prefer them, because they make sense.

This article was written by Nicholas Jones at Coretium


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