The story of new friendship: Talking, Listening and Social Media


Once upon a time in the Marketing Kingdom everything was ruled by Talking. Talking was dominating in all the companies and it was admired by most of the people. What a rare case it was when companies used another approach, but those brave one’s who did were lost in the noise Talking was making. Though, as the time passed, companies began to realize that Talking is not making them completely happy – it brought in earnings, but there were no growth. This realization was almost synchronized with the time when “Listening” arrived to the Kingdom and immediately gained attention of the citizens.

Listening were slowly growing it’s popularity amongst the companies, as some noticed that whenever Listening was around companies understood each other better and saw how to serve customers more effectively. In return customers became loyal as they enjoyed to be taken into consideration. Of course, there were people who completely denied the power of Listening and continued believe that Talking is the only true king. Had it not been for the incredible appearance of Social Media, those misunderstandings would have taken the Kingdom into the most extreme civil war ever seen.

Social Media was almost immediately loved by everyone with the only problem being that companies thought they knew what was best for her. The Kingdom became divided in 3 groups: those who believed that Social Media should be friends with Listening and those who thought that accompanied with Talking it is much more effective.  You are wondering what was the third one?  It was a group of marketing agencies – this grouped believed in integration, in power of friendship and loyal relationships. This belief was so strong that finally companies noticed that those three can’t exist separately and only together will they ensure peace in the Kingdom. Since then the mission of balancing talking and listening of social media began. More and more companies wanted them to be present while connecting with customers because in the presence of Talking and Listening they felt alive – like a personality and independent brand.

Unfortunately, this fairytale can’t have a happy end as there are still too many companies who ignores Listening and uses hard sell on social media. While the other ones use social media just for research and miss the opportunity of spreading the word and becoming friends with more and more people. This, of course, is done not on purpose – it is understandable that while the Marketing Kingdom is going through such a change some companies just feel lost. Luckily the marketing agencies or the loyal guards like Coretium Media, who stands for friendship and two-way communications, will always be there to help in finding the right direction.

This fairytale was written by Diana Lauska at Coretium


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