One chance to impress

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you better make it work  the first time. In the business world, the most commonly used tool to enhance (or simply create) this image is a business card. Considering that after the meeting it might be the only connection point between you and another person, there is no doubt about the importance of the business card. Nevertheless, having it is not enough – it has to be good as this little but important tool has not only a power to create, but also to destroy. This article will list essential considerations in designing a business card which will not end up in the bin.

The aim of the game

As in any strategic planning, the first decision includes setting goals and devising each. There is no point in moving on to design considerations if the idea about the purpose does not exist yet. The actions you want the recipient to take after receiving the card will be the main lead towards creative strategy.  Some people say that the business card should contain as many ways of contact as possible. Though, there is no need to provide the information that does not fit with the overall goals. For example, it is unlikely that hair salon clients will send a fax to a hairdresser or a solicitor adds you on Facebook. . Sometimes this will mean that a few variations of one card have to be designed. Of course, there can always be an exception, but the point I am trying to deliver is that your card has to speak the way you want it to. Avoid talking just for the sake of doing it

Think-feel balance

Knowing the importance of emotions in the decision making process, the production and design can’t be overlooked either. The previously mentioned list of goals will obviously have an impact on the look and materials used. The significance of paper quality, colour choice and font size can’t be stressed enough. All of these aspects of course will depend of the nature of your business, therefore the understanding between design agency and client is vital; the personality of the brand has to shine through your card.

Stay in the memory

There is no doubt that following steps and considerations above will lead to a good business card. But if you can be good, you might as well be great! With such a great variety of print options as there are now, it would be a sin not to use it – unleash the creativity to stand out from the crowd. Even though it has been more than 50 years since Marshall McLuhan coined a phrase “The medium is the message”, it still works! So what is the point in talking about the business function, if there is a way to show it!  The card can be foldable, washable or even edible!

Creativity can be dangerous sometimes, though. Nowadays, when there is a chance to print on literally anything, it is easy to forget about what the purpose of business card is. Be useful, be creative, be innovative but don’t become a clown. Being creative does not always mean being reckless – simple experiments with materials, layouts or fonts can do miracles! One even a plain card with just a name and number on it can play to our curiosity as humans, especially if we have the awe mystery, these templates can be powerful.

Where to start

The process seems like an easy task, but when it actually comes to making it all work, most of the people/businesses get stuck after setting the goals. For those who can’t move forward from this, there are creative design agencies like us. Thanks to the years of experience and variety of clients, professional agency knows how to balance the strategic considerations with the creative freedom to produce a well balanced, visually effective, and memorable card, the most important feature. Our service offers strategy, design and print; flashing light optional.

This article was written by Diana Lauska at Coretium


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