Print is not dead: The benefits of print promotions for start ups

Print is not dead poster

If you can read this, print is not dead!

Oh, how great is the optimism and ambitions of entrepreneurs when they just begin starting their own business. The motivation is high until it comes to promoting the idea – this is what most of the young businessmen are worried about. I suppose commonly used approach is “googling” the news in marketing world and most probably find something about social media, internet marketing or SEO. I don’t want to suggest that those are not good tools for promotion, completely the opposite. Use them. Use them regularly. And use them in combination with print.

Brand awareness

First of all, print promotions are great for increasing brand awareness, especially in your local area. Well designed brochure with good copy can ensure that your local audience knows that “pub, laundry, recruiter (enter your business) there around the corner”. This in fact will pay dividends; most people start a business by going through their friends and family.

Personal touch

Yes, your customers might spend a great part of their life on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network (in total, Americans spend more than 100 000 years a month on Facebook!). Nevertheless, when it comes to brands, customers need some physical evidence that you exist. There are endless options to be a part of your customer’s life. Be with them at work by designing pens with your logo, be in their wallet by giving out business cards, meet them before and after coming home with key ring design etc.

Powerful reminder

Similarly creating a personal point with customers, print will serve as a reminder about your business; especially important if the customers are still not familiar with the company and repetition has to be high.

Cost effectiveness

Assuming that as a start up you have limited budget, remember that print offers a range of possibilities. There are flyers, brochures, pens, business cards, newspapers, billboards, to name just a few. You can cheaply print flyers or brochures or choose, for example, magazine advertisements if your budget allows it. Be careful, though, not to run after the cheapest option without consideration of your long term goals. It is worth spending now, to gain later.

One style, one voice, one brand

Furthermore, print works well in combination with other media, which is especially beneficial as since the 90’s implementation of integrated marketing communications is growing at a fast pace. On a basic level this means that you should use the same approach in all media. What I am trying to say is that messages used can be different, but the voice should be the same – people have to recognize brand’s personality. If you decided to promote via print then keep the same tone as you use on the internet or any other medium.

Even if after all of the previous benefits of print promotion it doesn’t seem enough to encourage you, listen to this.  The Telegraph reports that for every £1 retailers spend on television and outdoor advertising, their revenues increase by £3.57. Further to this, according to the latest Global Advertising Forecast from market research firm Strategy Analytics, print advertising in this year expected to grow by 0.5%. Even if this is less than is spent on online advertising, conclusion is the same – print is not dead, print is power!

The article was written by Diana Lauska at Coretium Media



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